Sharing the right moment, having the right idea illuminates a space in time, changing everything, crafting a memory to cherish and build upon.

ALIVE creates events and stories that sparkle, grow, bind us together, show strong results and build exciting memories that will last.

Magic that makes your purpose shine. From the first sprout of an idea to that burst of energy from a truly inspiring and monumental experience.

The guiding principle of ALIVE is ‘nærvær’ — the Danish expression of togetherness, dedicated attention, empathy and presence.

Along with transparency, this is the core of how we connect through exceptional moments. We as an event agency think boldly, dream big and deliver superbly in every country, venue and size.

ALIVE works with innovative engagements, groundbreaking collaborations and strong partnerships. We dare to shape new worlds with you for your audience.

ALIVE provides a no-commission work ethic, efficiency, sustainable solutions, technological wizardry and awesome ideas from inception to end.

ALIVE listens. Building on your input and our experience, creating something new or using what already works for you – that’s the kind of event agency we are.

ALIVE is a true one-stop partner in every aspect, with all expertise in one place for us to go full circle:

From the first brief, target specific analysis, concept development, legal aspects, every important step towards execution and evaluation, carefully communicating and managing your experience.

Our events are internal, sport, virtual, special, festive, public, corporate, and so much more.

If the event feels like magic, it’s ALIVE.